The Port of Ponza is accessible in just a few minutes from the beach of Frontone with comfortable boats going up and down the line until after the h.20.30.

This in fact is the best way to go to the port for shopping, after a sunny day, returning home with the little bus that stops right on the main street, at the POLIAMBULATORIO and then back home by the downhill trail.

To reach it by land, along the path from the house on the main road, passes a regular bus service every 15 minutes until late at night. The same bus takes you to the other side of the island, the village of Le Forna, with several stops at other several descents to the sea.

Even a local taxi service runs regularly until the path, on demand.

Guests of Zi Carmela therefore, may even go down to lunch or dinner from home, having a torch for the return in the evening.